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mayo 04, 2017, 12:25:22 pm by Nauno72 in AFICIONADOS A SFI Y TRIPLECLICKS

I Always Need to Know How Much I Can Earn

By Fabrizio Perotti (5th year with SFI)
I Always Need to Know How Much I Can Earn

I'm literally unable to stay in business, without having a clear idea of how much I can earn with that business, and what I have to do to earn it.

That's why since Opti-build and Builder-Bundle have been announced, I've created my own plan with a clear image of it, which I printed out to keep very close to my Laptop.

These two new components of our revamped Diamond Plan, together with the new way Designated Diamonds are selected, make SFI Business even greater as, finally, allows every new Affiliate to start with the end in mind. Which, in my opinion, is nothing less than essential.

The only thing unfortunately I still hadn't clear not even after looking several times at these elements, is the answer to the most essential question a serious entrepreneur must ask when starting a business like ours:

"How much will I earn every month, after having invested time and/or money to build this business following The Diamond Plan?"

We all know that having tangible, realistic and attainable goals is important. But, even tough, if these goals don't transmit any emotion nor motivation, they are kinda useless. At least for me.

We also know that due to the nature of our business model, unfortunately the Company cannot give us clear income goals to achieve, as many people would probably consider it as a "promise of earnings" or a kind of hype, to attract more people. It's understandable.

Nevertheless, as I said, If I don't know how much I can potentially earn with a business, I'm not even interested to start that business.

That's why, as I always use to do, I've created an image for my personal use which shows me clearly AND mathematically (S.E.& O.) that, if you build a "powerful and lucrative 5×5 team" of Designated Diamonds duplicated even in just 6 generation (..even if actually we earn up to 12 generations), you earn $20,552 (twenty thousands five hundreds and fifty two) dollars per month.

It's true that the perfect duplication is hard (not impossible) to achieve, that not everybody has the same vision and motivation and so on....but..who cares? We need to have clear step-by-step income goals and do ALL what is needed to achieve them within a specific timeframe!

Goals exists to give us a clear destination, a precise direction to follow and motivate us enough to make the sacrifices needed to make it there.

So, we don't have to be afraid of setting up income goals (goals, not promises), and share them with our teams.

Can you imagine how this wonderful duplication would be smooth and easy, if just people were properly informed since the very beginning about these goals and the corresponding Best Way they should adopt to start their business? For instance something like I explained not long ago in this other post in the SFI Forum.

Well...I'm sorry for the length of this post, but here you are: this is what I see each time I sit at my computer and start working:
I Always Need to Know How Much I Can Earn

It's a numbers game, folks. Always has been, always will be. You must accept this. If you don't have enough active people...the answer is ALWAYS to go out and bring in new people until you find people who "get it" and are willing to do the work. That's the only way, and if there's such a thing as a secret to success here, it's definitely one of the biggest.

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I Always Need to Know How Much I Can Earn

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