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mayo 09, 2017, 01:14:14 pm by Nauno72 in AFICIONADOS A SFI Y TRIPLECLICKS

Stand For What You Believe

By Melvin Vibar (5th year with SFI)
Stand For What You Believe

Five years ago when I joined SFI I never dreamed of having one of the most if not the most active Team in SFI . 

It all started when I see and believe in the potential of building a business with SFI . Like most of the new Affiliates here in SFI, my first months in SFI is a struggle . I really believe that SFI can help me change my life but during that time it seems that I am the only one who believe in the potential of SFI . I ask my family , relatives and friends to join me in my SFI business but they just signed in , earn a few VP then told me that they are too busy in their jobs. I am alone , no one believe me but I STAND TO WHAT I BELIEVE IN and kept going . I do not have money for advertising so I just post my ads in social media which takes a lot of work with a very minimal result . I find one very active PSA in the Balkan region who has more experienced than me in internet marketing and after a year I started seeing my Team growing and my income increasing . I do have other active PSA's (Team Leaders) but my success is mainly from my PSA in the Balkan region which I appreciated a lot.

Yesterdays Top enroller's list just proved to me that STANDING FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN can make the difference in our Success in SFI . What if I gave in and quit SFI ? Then I will not be the upline of all the awesome Team Leaders who are yesterdays Top Enrollers in SFI . Believe it or not 100% of yesterdays Top enrollers are members of our Team .

CONGRATULATIONS to all Team Leaders and members on our Team. Your Success is my Success , I owe you a lot. AIM HIGH. DREAM BIG .
Stand For What You Believe

1.- Balkan countries include Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and indeed Slovenia All of these countries share a long history and many cultural traits.
2.- The Balkan Peninsula is a large piece of land in southeastern Europe. It is divided into many countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey. Sometimes the region is called the Balkans.

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Stand For What You Believe

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