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mayo 09, 2017, 08:42:18 pm by Nauno72 in AFICIONADOS A SFI Y TRIPLECLICKS

That Famous "NO TIME FOR THIS ''

By Elizabeta Paunoska (Joined SFI: Sept 2015)
That Famous "NO TIME FOR THIS ''

The most comon response i get from members who dont work or
completely given up to work this great opportunity is ,, I have no time for this ,,.

Really ?! I mean Really! Than check this!

I get up every day in 05:30 to go on my regular work  -Done for today

I work hard 10 hours a day in a hotel  -Done !

Clean my house , cook FOOD for my FAMILY  Done .

Im helping my husband who has isue with hes health  Done .

I am taking care of my 10 year old girl with her home work etc.  Done.

Doing daily tasks in SFI, read news, new posts in the forum!  Done!

ADVERTISING MY SFI OPPORTUNITY in 1000 facebook groups  half done half later .

I'm helping my team advice, teaching them how to have the best success here! Done!

I am listing new products in my ECA  Done.

So really , i mean really how i find time for all this during my 19 months i am in SFI every day?!

Those who are serious and hard working, never find excuses,
but will work this fantastic opportunity that gives us the SFI.
19 months ago, when I decided to re-start the SFI, I was in credit debt, 70% of my monthly salary taking my bank.

I invested in the Fast Track and standing orders from the amount of the minimum wage that I had at that time in my company.

Seriously, I've never regretted it, because all have returned with my commitment and persistent desire to succeed'm still here.

I am the only member who works from my family and I have the full support of doing this job!

Really! My debts are behind me, and I have a fantastic team who followed me.

So, never give up! AND TIME ... But we all have time, but it depends on us how we dispose of our time to
Sincerely, Elizabeta.

Comment by Melvin Vibar:
...To those who are saying that they do not have time , If they really value their time I suggest that they start working hard in building their SFI business so they will have plenty of time in the future . AIM HIGH. DREAM BIG.

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That Famous "NO TIME FOR THIS ''

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